Laboratoire d'Aerologie LISA LOA CNRM

The Aerosol Direct Radiative Impact on the
regional climate in the MEDiterranean region
The ANR-ADRIMED project

RegCM4 and ALADIN-Climat

In ADRIMED, we plan to use two different Regional Climate Models (RCMs), which are the RegCM4 and ALADIN-Climat models

 Model description

        Orography for GCM (~200 km)          RCM (~25 km)

RegCM4.3 model (ICTP) Sea-Atmos. Med. CNRM RCSM
RegCM4.3 includes a complete interactive aerosol scheme (Dust, OC, BC, SS, SU in external way)
Solmon et al. 2008 , Giorgi et al. 2012
ALADIN-Climat has no interactive aerosol scheme for the time
Up-to-now aerosols are global low resolution 2D monthly-mean for 5 species
Now: update 4-D Aerosol reconstruction from satellite and models datas for 2003-2009 & HIST periods Nabat et al., AMTD, 2012
No ocean - atmos. coupling for the time BUT scheduled with ROMS ALADIN-Climat is a Ocean-Atmos. coupled model (NEMO-MED)
Possibility of climate projections using GCM (ECHAM, ARPEGE, ...) forcing Possibility of climate projections using GCM forcing (ARPEGE)

 RCMs simulation design for past, present and future climate in the Med. region

Forced by Reference Future
ERAIN reanalysis
(Nabat et al., ACP, 2012, for 2000 → 2009)
ERAIN reanalysis ALADIN
1990 - 2010
2003 - 2010
1990 - 2010 2030 - 2100
2030 - 2070
RCM will be tested at the «event scale» (VESSAER & TRAQA) with the fine resolution MesoNH model (5 * 5 km) for evaluating parametrisations (convection, surface scheme, PBL, ...) before running long term simulations