Laboratoire d'Aerologie LISA LOA CNRM

The Aerosol Direct Radiative Impact on the
regional climate in the MEDiterranean region
The ANR-ADRIMED project

Scientific Objective

- What is the phys.-chem.-optical properties of the main “Mediterranean aerosols” (mineral dust, anthropogenic and smoke  aerosols)  ?
→ focus on absorbing properties !
- What is the mixing of aerosols over the basin and the possible impact on absorbing properties  ?

Direct and semi-direct radiative effects

- What is the aerosol direct radiative forcing (at local and regional scales) at the surface, TOA & into the atmosphere (SW & LW)  ?
- What is the associated diabatic heating rate (SW & LW) ?

Aerosol regional climatic impacts

- Investigate how the modifications of the radiative budget due to aerosols affect the ocean-atmos. evaporation fluxes, dynamical processes and the Med. hydrological cycle for past-present (1990-2010)and future time (2030-2070) ?
→ interaction with HyMEx (TTM3) project